LinkedIn Sponsored InMail – Engage your Target Audiences with Personalized Content Delivered Through LinkedIn Messenger

This article is by Evan Weber, originally published in LinkedIn.

If you have previously been unsuccessful advertising on LinkedIn previously with their text ads or their newsfeed ads, due to the high cost per click or not great click through rates, which has been the case for a lot of B2B companies, or have been thinking of running ads on LinkedIn to reach their 450+ million professional audience, then there’s another LinkedIn advertising option that you should definitely try: LinkedIn Sponsored InMail ads! These are bascially like sending email messages directly to your target audience’s LinkedIn inboxes, which notifies the prospect through their email account that they have a new message waiting for them. And gladly, LinkedIn just reduced the pricing for sending these targeted messages, so now is definitely the time for you to look to make these work, if you’re looking for B2B lead generation or to drive professionals of various types to your website or landing pages.

Too often, B2B marketers are forced to choose between advertising at scale or personalizing content to the individual. And while mobile devices continue to play an increasingly important role in reaching prospects, optimizing for the small screen remains a substantial hurdle for many, according to survey research. 55% of organizations give their personalization efforts a grade of C or lower. And personalization in advertising is what makes it work better, as opposed to mass display advertising without any personalization. With LinkedIn Sponsored InMails, you are addressing each prospect by their name and it comes from you (or someone in your organization) so the personalization is about as good as it can be.

Easily personalize your outreach at scale with Sponsored InMail:

  • Engage your target audiences across mobile and desktop with optimized designs.
  • Deliver personalized messages within LinkedIn messenger.
  • Reach members only when they are active on LinkedIn.

Drive conversions, attendance, and downloads:

  • Boost registrations with personalized invitations to webinars or in-person events.
  • Drive conversions with targeted product and service promotions.
  • Promote content downloads of infographics, white papers, eBooks, and more.

Get Going with LinkedIn Sponsored InMails in 6 Easy Steps:

1. Build your creatives and personalize your message with a strong call to action (CTA).

2. Target your audience by location, company, industry, title, skills, education, and more.

3. Set your bid and campaign budget goals.

4. Launch your campaign and start sending messages directly to your target audience.

5. Measure your results and track key metrics including sends, opens, and clicks.

6. Optimize your impact by A/B testing variations of your content, using scalable campaign management tools.

What can you do with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail? Sponsored InMail is the most direct way to engage your prospects on LinkedIn across mobile and desktop.

  • Tailor your content with flexibility and ease. Craft personalized messages that tell your story without the limitations of restrictive character counts.
  • Drive action with optimized design features. Persistent CTA buttons on mobile and desktop are always visible while a user scrolls.
  • Ensure timely reach with real-time delivery. Sponsored InMail messages are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn.
  • Avoid formatting headaches. Responsive design ensures your message looks great on any screen, large or small.
  • Engage members in a professional context. Strict delivery frequency caps ensure your message gets maximum mindshare.

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