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This article is by Evan Weber, originally published in LinkedIn.

Previously this year, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored Content. Using pre-filled forms, this solution makes it easy for advertisers to collect quality leads from over 500+ million professionals, influencers, and business decision-makers on LinkedIn. However, you might want to bring on an agency like Experience Advertising, Inc., that has a ton of B to B experience and background to manage your ads, otherwise you could overspend and not get the best results from your campaigns. It a good idea to work with an experienced B2B digital agency anyways because they have the experience managing LinkedIn ad campaigns and the time to optimize them so they work properly.

We have been seeing pretty strong campaign performance with Lead Gen Forms, reducing the average cost per lead by 20-30%, depending on the company and the lead types of course. There are many factors involved. With great ROI being shown, LinkedIn decided to expand our lead gen capabilities to more LinkedIn products, including Sponsored InMail and Dynamic Ads. Now those are some good ideas from LinkedIn, because those are the types of ads that tend to produce the best results anyways from my experience.

Lead Gen Forms are Now Available for Sponsored InMail!

LinkedIn just announced that Lead Gen Forms can now be used with their Sponsored inMail campaigns, which is a true revolution in LinkedIn advertising in my opinion, because LinkedIn inMails are the best performing and usually the cheapest type of LinkeedIn campaign you can run anyways, so it was just a matter of time. If you want to run these types of campaigns, contact us today!

Companies looking for quality lead generation use Sponsored InMail to reach LinkedIn members with personalized, one-to-one messages on LinkedIn, which is the most direct approach, very similar to emailing them directly. Open rates are typically 30-50%, but we discovered that some prospects dropped off because of the extra step required to fill out a form on the advertiser’s landing page, which kills the conversion rate in most instances. With Lead Generation Forms for Sponsored InMail, advertisers experience improved conversion rates of their Sponsored InMail campaigns while collecting quality lead data at scale, including a prospect’s: name, email address, job title, company name, and other fields from their LinkedIn profile. Advertisers using Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored InMail have seen their mobile conversion rates increase by an average of 3-4x when compared to standard landing pages on their website, which is a dramatic increase!

Custom Questions Added as Well!

You can now also ask custom questions on a Lead Generation Form to collect lead data beyond the standard fields LinkedIn provided previously, which is AMAZING! You can add up to 3 custom question fields, which can be either multiple choice questions, free-form fields, or a mix of these types. These “custom lead questions” work for both Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content campaigns.

Also, a new Dynamic Ads format has been added! You can generate leads and content downloads directly within the ads themselves, which is a tremendous upgrade!

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