The Actual Management of Content


Poorly designed content marketing campaigns can make even the most ambitious projects crumble.

Marketers get so caught up in managing different tools and systems for multi-channel campaign delivery that they fail to recognize the most important part of this marketing mission: strategy. 

Running a strategic content marketing campaign is essential for achieving business success. Period. It will change a Web professional’s fundamental approach to running a marketing campaign and help them stay focused on the ultimate goal.

What is the best way to run campaigns efficiently without much fuss? Here are a few tips to consider when managing the day to day:

1. Use a content marketing pyramid 

Creating content without a strategy is a dead-end street. By producing a huge amount of content without having a clear idea of how to deliver the message, marketers are entering a vicious circle that usually ends up in a failure.

Those suspicious that they are indeed lacking underlying strategy may want to consider implementing a solution such as the Curata Content Marketing Pyramid, a framework devised to help business writers develop a predictable stream of successful content and coordinate their marketing efforts.

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