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We are an online advertising network that connects advertisers to the exact audience they want to reach, when users are most engaged. We call it ‘the right person, on the right device, at the right time, with the right content’. With over two decades’ experience in digital advertising, we know what it takes to make a campaign work.

We deliver conversions through any channels: Search, domains, display, video, contextual, native, social, installs and email. We provide this through our Own and Operated web properties, as well as through partnerships with top publishers that have been tested and verified to ensure a completely safe brand experience for our advertisers.

With Account Managers in the US and Europe, we are able to monitor our traffic 24/7 and provide round-the-clock support to all of our advertising and publishing partners, no matter where they are based.

We have incorporated into our network the most advanced BOT detection and protection tools available in the industry. This includes solutions like Forensiq, AIS and Double Validate, as well as a number of filters and validation tools including clicks per IP limits, CAPTCHA and much more.

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Through our sister companies EnContext Advertising, we are able to drive traffic via display, video, contextual or sponsored articles through our Owned and Operated web properties, as well as via our publishing partners, who are committed to delivering engaged users. We can offer this traffic on a CPL, CPA or CPI basis (we’ll look into any types of CP…).

Some of our Owned and Operated Properties include:

OnwardClick and EnContext Media offer brand-safe traffic by using scoring and filtration solutions to insure 100% “clean” traffic and users who have expressed an interest in a product associated with a specific brand. Contact us for more information.
CPC-CPM Network
CPA-CPL Network
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EnContext Media was started in 2003 by Digital Media veteran Jean Touboul, who began in the online marketing and advertising business when the potential was still untapped. Jean had his first major experience as the VP of International Operations for Commission Junction, creating the CJ international department and opening offices in Europe and Asia to bring affiliate marketing to these continents.

Jean’s experience continued with Nuji/World Avenue – probably the most prominent and profitable incentivized marketing solution in the world. Jean then went on to launch EnContext Media, offering broad online marketing and advertising services, followed by OnwardClick in 2013.

OnwardClick is a CPC platform designed to tap into the huge volume of traffic that is generated by independent publishers – who Google refers to as ‘Search Partners’. These publishers make up the backbone of non-Google search traffic and comprise several million small, medium and large websites that contribute billions of page views each day. OnwardClick taps into this traffic – having access to an average of 1.5 billion searches per day.


Our goal is not simply to be the best in our niche, but to be great at everything we do. We accomplish this by finding highly talented and motivated people who are looking to make a difference and who welcome challenges. We then focus on our customers’ needs by providing 24/7 monitoring of campaigns, dedicated services for advertisers and personal assistance for publishers.

Over the years we have gained a reputation for being straight shooters and an honest partner for our clients (we believe our clients are our partners). We have achieved this by delivering what we know will work for our advertising partners, while declining those we know would not be a right fit for our network.

In the same way, we demand the best of our publishing partners. This is not only in the consistent quality of the traffic we expect from them but, as important, in their ability to address any issues and work with us to correct them.