2018 The American Marketing Association New York Nominations

2018 Nominations


Details about the nomination process:

Nominees can come from any marketing discipline—they can be CMOs or Marketing Directors, work in advertising or branding or research agencies, be academics, journalists, or other marketing experts. The awards are reserved for current marketing practitioners. They must have been in the marketing profession for at least 10 years and be a current marketing practitioner. Our primary focus is on, but not limited to, the U.S.

Achievements that will be recognized include:

  • Marketing that works: Innovations that have had dramatic impact on business results, e.g. dramatically grow sales
  • Raising marketing’s profile: Increasing the influence of marketing, e.g. getting a seat on the board, expanding marketing’s remit to include innovation and growth strategy
  • New marketing tools and approaches: e.g. pioneers of social media, inventors of new forms of marketing research/measurement
  • Innovation in developing other marketers: Both current and the next generation of marketers through education, inspiration, and specialist programs

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