OnwardClick guarantees that our traffic is BOT-free and brand-safe. We do this because we are absolutely confident that every click we deliver has been through a rigorous process of scoring and filtration. This includes:

  • Scoring by Forensiq, Integral Ad Science (IAS) or Double Verify (DV)
  • Click per IP, ad and search Limits, small and out of  windows intercept
  • IP and Referrer Match, Valid User Agent, JS Enabled Browsers
  • CAPTCHA Sampling and Google Analytics Optimization

Every click sent from our advertising network to an advertiser is put through our scoring and filtration solution and any suspicious click – whatever the level of suspicion – is filtered out.


Through our OnwardClick CPC Network we can provide a vast array of traffic including:

  • Desktop and Mobile Traffic
  • XML, RTB, Text and Display Ads
  • Premium/Conversion Traffic
  • Search, Intext, Contextual, POP Traffic
  • Audience Building Traffic (PV/TOS)
  • PV/TOS Traffic

These traffic options are offered through our OnwardClick platform.


Thanks to our sister company, EnContext Media, we also offer display ads through our Owned and Operated websites.

Some of the advertising options offered include:

  • Banners – All standard sizes.
  • Video Ads (most players).
  • Contextual Ads.
  • Sponsored articles.
  • Brand Specific Promotions.
  • Injection, Intext, Native, contextual.

We are IAB compliant and accept any ads that follow the IAB guidelines.


Our goal is not simply to be the best in our niche, but to be great at everything we do. We accomplish this by finding highly talented and motivated people who are looking to make a difference and who welcome challenges. We then focus on our customers’ needs by providing 24/7 monitoring of campaigns, dedicated services for advertisers and personal assistance for publishers.

Over the years we have gained a reputation for being straight shooters and an honest partner for our clients (we believe our clients are our partners). We have achieved this by delivering what we know will work for our advertising partners, while declining those we know would not be a right fit for our network.

In the same way, we demand the best of our publishing partners. This is not only in the consistent quality of the traffic we expect from them but, as important, in their ability to address any issues and work with us to correct them.


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